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    Welcome Brothers

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    to Check In and Say Hello

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    ATTN BROTHERS:  If you have any photo’s or Historians Books from your chapter please contact the website administrator we will do our best to get them posted.

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    Robert Sansone

    What’s up Brothers this is Rob San s o n e anyway I was in the Valley Stream chapter in the early seventies if there’s any brothers out there like Paul Sigma Phil stigma Scott Altman Reach Out I live in Florida still send me a message I’d really like to hear from you guys it’s been a long time bro and I’m so glad that I found this website to see all the pictures from back in the day makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck it’s a good feeling to know we’re still fighting strong and we still believe in something good God bless us

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    Robert Sansone

    This is to one of my best Brothers and Omega Gamma Delta Jimmy iannello man I seen you on this website just now today and man I just can’t believe it dude you got to get in contact with me somehow if you’re looking at this website call my phone number 754 551 o-18 for I would love to hear from you bro it’s been 30 some odd years since we’ve been together I’d love to hook up with you on the phone and have some good times to talk about it’s Rob

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    Robert Sansone

    I would love to hear from my brothers in the Valley Stream chapter

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    Robert Sansone

    Back at you brother God bless you as well I was just part of that Omega Gamma Delta black and yellow colors baby never forget them I live in Florida 61 my name is Rob nice to meet you

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    Robert Sansone

    I remember Omega Gamma Delta I was part of it in the early 70s and 80s I went to North High School I lived in Valley Stream and all my childhood friends I grew up with for an Alpha Sigma Phi but we still got along together as brothers those were the good old days right now I’m 61 years old and I live in Hallandale Beach Florida I know where Leesburg is I used to live in Eustis for a little while it’s a small world ain’t it

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    Charles F Robertson

    Dear Brothers
    This is Charles F (Teddy) Robertson Jr. #63 Class of 1965 East Meadow High School I just turned 73. I was out with friends the other day talking about the good old days when thoughts of the Fraternity came to mind. When I got home I decided to see if there was any information on the old Black and Gold, well was I surprised to see such an outstanding web site and that the frat was still very active. One of the happiest and proudest moments of my young teenage years was when Harry (the Hook ) Fedoryk charter member #7 asked me to pledge for the Frat, sadly Harry is no longer with us. I couldn’t wait to get my Sweater, Jacket and Frat pin which I promptly Pinned my Girlfriend with and now is my wife. All the old names, friendships and crazy things we did back then came to mind Wednesdays were are meeting day and it was mandatory Shirt, Tie and Sweater day, walking the halls seeing fellow brothers and knowing that I was an Omega man was like walking on air even my girlfriend was thrilled to where our colors. I still have my old Jacket and Sweater and membership card but like me they are worn and tattered. The school kind of looked at us as the bad guys of the school you know it was that fifties and sixties mentality but actually we were proud individualist Americans who believed in God, Family, and Country we had a strong sense of Honor, Fidelity and a Respect for the Law we weren’t all Boy Scouts but not far from it. I graduated in 1965 and went to work for Grumman Aerospace in Bethpage LI on the lunar landers and other space vehicles. In 1966 I enlisted in the USAF, got married and went off to war (several of my Brothers never made it back), I was stationed in Northern Thailand with a TAC fighter group as a Crew chief and Airframe and Power plant mechanic the famous Robin Olds was my CO, many an hour was spent working on his bird of prey. After I mustered out of the military with the grade of Sgt. I joined the Suffolk County Police Department (1970) Highway Patrol, I worked normal patrol, Emergency Service Bomb Unit, and did my last ten years in Alcohol and Narcotics enforcement. When I was reviewing the long list of brothers particularly those that came after me I was very surprised to see how many Police officers were Omega men. I even worked with some but never knew they were more than police brothers but also fraternity brothers, I wish I had known then as some have passed many years ago. I retired in 1991 and now live in Leesburg Fl. a lot of water has gone under the bridge but I still have many great memories and how the frat kept me on the straight and narrow path and helped me to become the person I am today. One question I have if I may, as my original sweater and Jacket are in terrible shape can these items still be purchased I would love to get new ones to not only wear with pride today but pass down to my grandchildren as a memory of Grandpas wild and wooly days as a teenager. May God Bless the Brothers and their families Past, Present and Future. Respectfully Submitted Charles F (Teddy) Robertson Jr. USAF-SCPDHP 407 Ranchwood Dr. Leesburg Fl.

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    charles j pascale

    Great time at 2019 picnic.
    Bro Charlie Pascale, Beta Psi 81

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    Brother Bobby Mac

    Tau Zeta Class of 1976! Best years of my life! Brothers forever.

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    Andrew Curtin

    Hello all. I’m posting this on behalf of a friend who was a member of your organization. His name is Brian Healy, and he was inducted in 1986 to the West Hempstead chapter, graduating class of 1991. Brian has been in a serious accident and has been left paralyzed, and breathing through a ventilator. The following page has been set up to help Brian and his family. Please consider helping if you are able. Thank you.

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    please update the XA chapter roll list, we’ve asked since our existence and we’d like to be represented online with the names of our real brothers. I would love to send the official list. Thank you.

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    Chris Argento

    #88. John William Mahoney. CL 1942. Captain, U. S. Navy. Airline Captain. FAA Flight Inspector
    MAHONEY – John William on March 1, 2019 of Valley Stream, Member of The Valley Stream Historical Society and Valley Stream Central Alumni Association, Member of VSFD Engine # 1. Jack was a longtime resident of Valley Stream, and an active member of both the Valley Stream Historical Society and the Central High School Alumni Association. As a young boy growing up during the Depression, he worked for the Gibson Construction Company doing odd jobs and saw firsthand the development and growth of Valley Stream. Upon graduation from Central H.S. in 1942, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval V-5 college and flight school program, thus joining the war effort. Once successfully completing this program, he became a flight instructor training Navy pilots in Stearman, SNJs, Corsairs and other combat aircraft. At the war’s end, the Navy had him ferrying many various aircraft out west for storage. During this time, he married Carrie Darmstadt of Woodmere which led to four children, fourteen grandchildren, and numerous great grandchildren. Jack remained in the Naval Reserve, learning to be a helicopter pilot. During the Korean Conflict, Jack was once again called to active duty service to fly helicopters, and on becoming an expert with this new aircraft, the Navy had him train other Navy helicopter pilots. During his long Naval career, he attained the rank of Captain and was the Commander of the Anti-Submarine Helicopter Squadron 70R2. His squadron won the Noel Davis Trophy and the North Atlantic Award twice for being the most elite Anti-Submarine Squadron on the Atlantic Coast and the entire country. The Navy called upon his flying and training expertise for a two-week active duty assignment to fly Marine One during the President Johnson Administration. It was his job to teach the assigned Marine pilots how to land on disks on the White House lawn without being able to visually see the disks from the cockpit while landing. During his Naval Reserve career, Jack was a STOL (short takeoff and landing) plane and helicopter pilot for New York Airways in the key airports in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan areas, along with special charters in other areas. He was a member of the TSB (Transportation Safety Board) for investigating airline accidents. Consistent with his training capabilities, he trained all other NY Airways pilots to land on fixed pinnacle heliports such as the Pan American building in Manhattan. Jack was the first pilot to land and take off from that rooftop at night. While flying for NY Airways, Jack flew countless dignitaries such as John Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Robert Kennedy and other Kennedy family members, Astronaut John Glenn; Robert Moses; and Prince Phillip. He flew numerous celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Red Skelton, Elton John, and the band Grateful Dead, to name just a few. After his New York Airways career and being considered one of the top five helicopter pilots in the world, Jack went to work for British Petroleum (BP) coordinating helicopter operations and safety measures for their operations all over the world, such as: China, Indonesia, and Brazil, with many of these locations in jungles and remote areas. After a successful career with BP, Jack decided to return to the states to begin a more than two-decade career with the FAA evaluating the placement of any high vertical objects within airport control areas for approval or not. Suffice it to say, Jack had a remarkable work ethic and sense of duty to his country as a member of the U.S. Navy. He was just as dedicated to his family and he will be sorely missed. Beloved husband of the late Carrie. Devoted father of Karen Chapman (Lee), Joan Crowley (Robert), John E. Mahoney (Maryann) and William J. Mahoney. Loving grandfather of 14. Cherished great grandfather of 21. Family will receive friends at The Moore Funeral Home, 54 West Jamaica Avenue, Valley Stream. Visitation Tuesday March 5th, and Wednesday March 6, 2019 from 2-4pm & 7-9pm. Funeral Mass Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 10:45 am at Holy Name of Mary R.C. Church in Valley Stream. Cremation Private. In lieu of flowers, donations made in John’s memory would be appreciated to Gary Sinese Foundation P.O. Box 368 Woodland Hills, CA 91365
    Published in Newsday on Mar. 3, 2019

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    Chad Hilberts

    I was watching a video that mike dapalito (sorry if I missed spelled the name) but he was doing a tour of the omega museum . He came across articles from the newspapers from the past. He stated that the photo of Beta Pi brothers were doing community service…NO …we were honoring our brother who we lost in a car accident and it made the newspaper …i was only a pledge at the time that Brother Bobby Lane lost his life in ‘92 but the information on this website should be correct …thanks #21 BL

    #14801 Reply
    charles pascale

    Looking forward to 2018 picnic.
    Bro. Charlie Pascale
    Beta Psi 1982 / Delta Zeta 2017

    #14800 Reply
    charles pascale

    Looking forward to 2018 Picnic.
    Bro. Charlie Pascale
    Beta Psi 1912 / Delta Zeta 2017

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    John A. Avolio Jr.

    Delta Phi Chapter (1960) – Totowa, New Jersey
    To be out of touch for 50 years and have been contacted by Brother Joe Petrosi on face book! Then, talk to a best friend and Omega Gamma Delta Brother Walter (Butchy) Rae Wow! Then Joe provided this website its a walk down memory lane! The website is outstanding, the fraternity has accomplished many wonderful things. The young brothers who have grown up to become pillars of the community. I feel special and privileged to be an Omega Gamma Delta brother.

    #14788 Reply
    Bro Joe

    Website looks great was member of BETA PI Pompton Lakes inducted 1985, looking forward to receiving more info. Lakeside school hangout, god bless all Beta Pi Brothers, once a member and always remember Omega Gamma Delta!!!

    #14784 Reply
    George Krist

    Beta Chi ‘61. Great site, great pictures. Great memories

    #14594 Reply
    Chris Argento

    Hello Brothers
    Alpha Psi Chapter 80th Anniversary Reunion invitation
    April 8th. Gemelli’s at Bergen Point CC, Babylon.
    Top Shelf Open Bar – 4 Star Catered Event
    $75.00 Cash at door… or
    Mail Check:
    Contact Brother Jerry
    Remember-Omega Gamma Delta!
    Brother Chris Argento ’64
    516 410.3748
    Vietnam Veteran
    – VVA Chapter 82 Nassau Co.
    – American Legion Rider Greenlawn Post 1244

    #14582 Reply
    John Duleba

    Hello brothers, I am John Duleba gamma psi 68 past president and grand v p for a short time. When is next b b q at Eisenhower park I would like to attend. Great to find out omega is still going strong. My E-mail is

    #14581 Reply
    Thomas Annuunziata

    Hi this is Tom Annuunziata great to see u all, never guess
    Who told me about this?

    #14577 Reply
    Tony Fiducia

    Hello brothers.
    This is Tony Fiducia, Omega Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi Chapter, East Rockaway, New York, class of 1962.
    Didn’t really have any personal drive after high school and drop that of a few colleges. So I join the United States Air Force in 1965 And was trained as an Air Rescue Medic and served with Rescue & Recovery services in The US and Vietnam.
    In Vietnam, I was awarded The Air Medal with One Oakleaf Cluster, which means I flew well over 50 combat missions.
    The rest of my career I spent in and around medical services. I retired in 2005 and live in Clermont, Florida, about 25 miles northwest of Disney World .
    I would like my fellow brothers to say a prayer for all United States military personnel who made the supreme sacrificed for our liberty and freedom.

    #14549 Reply
    George Gaw

    Hi Jerry,

    It’s been a long while since I was a high school kid and fraternity brother in Alpha Mu chapter. However, having said that, I was delighted beyond end to read many of the familiar names I intimately knew from the chapter, i.e., Bill Murray, James Alben, Don Fergersen, Tom Kelleher, etc. And yes, I still make Leatherneck Cocktails on occasion. I am
    86 years of age now and have had a full life as a college prof and creative director for several international design consultancies. I am still married to the same woman (59 years), have one son and two grand children. I have lived in Japan, California, Boston, Italy, Switzerland and Italy and fifteen years ago returned to New York where it all began. I would enjoy hearing from you if you get this message. My email is Write when you have a chance.


    #14490 Reply
    jerry lange

    Hi Joe, Remember seeing you play at many different places back in the day. Alpha Psi is holding an 80th Anniversary celebration this coming April. We are trying to find every brother from 1937 on to when OGD stopped operating at VSC. Many Brothers from the 60’s and 70’s are coming. Hope you can make it. Email me at Always Remember Jerry

    #11753 Reply
    Brother Gerald (Jerry) MacDowell

    Hello George, Still making those Leatherneck cocktails? Been a long time…

    #11752 Reply
    Brother Gerald (Jerry) MacDowell

    Hello Brothers, Initiated into Beta Theta and later helped form Beta Omicron chapter in 1949 at
    Power Memorial Academy in Manhattan. Elected Vice Princess for Queens. Remember co-sponsoring a joint formal dance with Alpha Mu chapter.
    Just read entry from George Gaw, brought back many pleasant memories… Still kicking at 83, would enjoy hearing from others. I’m now living in the Villages in Florida.

    #11724 Reply

    hello brothers, i was a member of the ALPHA PSI valley stream central high 64-65 actually went to HOLY CROSS high in flushing queens. was one of two who recieved a bid to join who did not attend central. did not have to report to the “HAUNT TREE” each morning before school, but the brothers more than made up for this every night and on weekends!! anyone out there from my chapter?? GREAT WEBSITE JOE O’CONNOR

    #11450 Reply
    Bro. Patrick O’Sullivan

    Could not believe it when I found this website. I was one of the last members of the chapter in Valley Stream South. I have some great memories of those times. Was looking through some of the pictures from the Alumni Chapter meeting and recognized one of the brothers(Chris Polinski)from VS Central. If anyone knows him and reads this, ask him to shoot me an email. I’m interested in getting involved again.

    #7450 Reply
    Bro. Anthony Steinbuck

    I can not believe this,I never knew we had a web site. It was great to find it.I was in the Valley Stream chapter and went to North High School. I have been reading everything on here and will now try and keep up with everything. Thanks

    #7395 Reply
    Bro. Charlie Valente

    It was a kick to just see the names of my 1951 classmates…good memories. I live in Greece now and have seen the better part of the world..but always the Oceanside gang is in my thoughts.

    #7398 Reply
    Brother Leidner

    Can’t believe I found this site West Hempstead Beta Chi 1972, what great times and great brotherhood!!

    #7467 Reply
    Bro. Bob Rose, M.D. (retired)

    I was an Omega Gamma Delta frat member in high school in Oceanside, New York. I’ve never been a good one for keeping up old contacts, but my brother Gary (’58) was also a member and sees his old buddies regularly. I’ll be sure to tell him about this site!

    #7464 Reply
    Bro. Mark Quering, Beta Chi

    Happy Anniversary Omega Gamma Delta….111 Years Old and still growing! I drove up from Florida with Brother Mike Fiumara for the Annual Meeting & Picnic. Great Time, Great Brothers….Always Remember!

    #8969 Reply
    Bro. Nick Simone

    Happy 110th Birthday Omega Gamma Delta.

    Nick Simone
    Beta Chi 1971

    #7452 Reply
    Bro. John Louros


    I was in Omega in Freeport NY in 1969.
    Glad to see that the fraternity is still going strong.

    I forgot the secret handshake but still remember
    Putting on a tie whenever I wore the sweater. I have no idea where that sweater went……

    Bro. John Louros

    #8971 Reply
    Bro. Andy Canicatti, Alpha Psi ’83

    What a great time seeing all the brothers last night. I was blown away by the museum – what an incredible history we have! Heartfelt thanks to brothers Mike D’Apolito, George Statler and all of the other brothers who put that facility together.
    I would also like to say that I was originally opposed to the expansion of Omega. I have seen, over time, the enthusiasm and love that Bro Pat McGowan has for our order. I also had the pleasure of speaking to bro Pat, who drove up from Florida with two other dedicated brothers, and will say that I was wrong about the college expansion. What a great guy! Thanks to bro Mike for his leadership, vision, and commitment to ensure that Omega flourishes and remains strong into the future.
    My thanks to the outgoing officers of the Alumni Chapter and my congratulations to the new ones. I am looking forward to working with everyone and seeing this great fraternity reach its potential because of the deep love that so many of us have for each other and for Omega.
    God bless you brothers,
    Andy Canicatti, Alpha Psi ’83

    #7453 Reply
    Bro. G.W. Gaw, Alpha Mu ’47


    Please contact me. I was in Alpha Mu chapter in 1947 before leaving for the Marine Corps. I lost contact with everyone from my chapter with the exception of only a few. My name is George Washington Gaw, I’m 81 now but still going strong. I’d like to hear from someone in my chapter about that time. God Bless Omega Gamma Delta.

    Bro. G. W. Gaw

    #7457 Reply
    Bro. Michael Alloro

    God Bless Brothers, I am so very proud to be a part of this great Fraternity and it is my wish for ALL the Brothers, no matter where they are, is Health and Happiness to you and your entire families. God Bless ALL and God Bless

    Alpha Psi ’83

    #7455 Reply
    Bro. Lou Villano

    Lynbrook Chapter,1960 Lou Villano
    Just want to say hello to all our new and old members. Eddie La’clair if your out there, do you remember when we signed up for the Marines..I couldn’t go because I was to young, but later I joined the Navy..four active and two inactive…It was a great run..
    Rory O’Sullivan was our VP..Good guy..

    I will Always Remember.. Omega Gamma Delta’..

    #8973 Reply
    Bro. Roy Gunther

    A funny story..We train at the same Jiu-Jitsu place, know some of the same people, and yet we didn’t realize we are both OGD brothers until about a week before we head to Brazil together. Bro. Dave Herman, like most OGD is a stand up all around great guy..OGD is represented well in Rio ..

    #7472 Reply
    Bro. Jack Baumgaertel -Beta Pi Chapter


    Bro. Jack Baumgaertel
    Beta Pi Chapter
    Class of 2012

    #7470 Reply
    Bro. Sean Carey

    Proud of you Beta Pi! Thank you from myself and all my brothers in arms who were wounded in action and received purple hearts. The Wounded Warriors Project is a great organization thats helps our troops who get wounded in action. Keep Bro. Dylan Sylvestri in your thoughts and prayers as he is back in Afghanistan kicking ass.

    #7459 Reply
    Bro. Paul Dufficy

    I am amazed to find this site. Hello to all my Brothers.

    Delta Psi Alpha Chapter
    Lindenhurst NY 1965

    #7461 Reply
    Bro. David Manista

    Brothers this is truly a blessing. I am a member of the Beta chapter from Hawthorne N.J.graduated in 1980. I would love to hear from any brothers and share the “good times” with them.I will be visiting Hawthorne for Christmas 2011 and would like to attend a meeting. Does anyone have any information on the Beta chapter?

    Brother David Manista
    Class of ’80

    #7447 Reply
    Brother Mike Fiumara

    I joined Beta Chi chapter in W. Hempstead back in 1970…12 of us got in that night & were named “The Dirty Dozen”. This website looks great & I see its getting better all the time.
    I served as Chapter Historian back in the day & I had a great time doing it. The keg parties…the St. Thomas dances…the trips to Bear Mtn…& of course the Sororities !!! Man those were the greatest times. Ya cant duplicate those times anymore. Beta Chi had a great reunion…I went from Daytona Beach to W. Hempstead to attend & I gotta say…it was well worth it. Seeing all my Brothers will stay in my memory forever. Please take care my Brothers..from every chapter. Feel free to call me anytime..(386)316-3535.
    “And Always Remember”

    #7446 Reply
    Bro. Joe Cona – Alpha Psi 1989

    Just discovered the site. I must say it is outstanding! Keep up the good work guys.

    #7443 Reply
    Bro. Mike Leo

    Beta Chapter 1992, Its great to see the site – brings back the memories. Thanks

    #7442 Reply


    #7440 Reply
    Bro. Anthony Macri

    The site looks great, I was in Omega at Valley Stream Central, graduated in 1986. Would love to hear from some of the old bros. Living in NJ.

    #7438 Reply
    Bro Rich Donohue

    Great site. Makes me proud to know that people still care about the old fraternity. God Bless
    Gamma Alpha ’92

    #7435 Reply
    Brother Chris Casella

    Hey Brothers thank you for putting this site up it is awesome! I was a member of Beta Sigma and graduated from West Hempstead High School in ’85. Those were some of my best years and this site brings back a lot of memories!

    Stay safe Brothers!
    Brother Chris Casella
    Beta Sigma

    #7433 Reply
    Brother Jim Calvert ’50

    I just wanted to extend my condolences to Brother Dick Doolittle of the class of 1950, East Rockaway High School. I was told his dear wife passed away recently. Brother Dick you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    #7431 Reply
    Brother Mikko Red Arrow

    Brother Drucker, you gave me your jacket & I passed it along proudly to Brother Eric Hoffman. Glad I found the site.

    Tau Zeta ’79

    #7420 Reply

    TAU ZETA 76′

    #7419 Reply
    Brother Daniel C Hennigan

    Please add me to any e-mail or postmail newsletters that are regularly sent out. I was a member of the pledge class of 1967 at Iota Rho Chapter, Baldwin High School Long Island.

    #7409 Reply
    Bro. Robert Belvedere

    I was a member of Omega in the 60’s at Valley Stream North High. This site brings back some great memories.

    #7408 Reply
    Brother Kyle Toner

    This is a great website. It gives the brothers an opportunity to reconnect and share stories about the old days.
    Beta Pi

    #7407 Reply
    Brother Fred Guma

    Amazing job on this web site, I grew up in Valley Stream and was the President of Alpha Psi Chapter in 1982. I still have chapter records. I hope to hear from some old friends from my chapter. Bro. Fred

    #7406 Reply
    Brother James Ianniello

    I visited this web-site some time ago and would really like to thank all involved for keeping so many memories of a great fraternity alive.
    Fraternally Yours, Beta Psi 1975

    #7405 Reply
    Bro. Christopher Di Pasquale

    First let me say what a great job you have done with this site. I graduated from Pompton Lakes High School in 1989 and was a member of the Beta Pi chapter. As an alumni I was Grand Recorder for 1 year, then 2nd Grand Vice Princeps for 1 year. I moved to Washington, D.C. 10.5 years ago and currently live in MD. For the last 10.5 years I have been a Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police Department in the District of Columbia and currently am the rank of Sergeant. Take care, and Always Remember Omega Gamma Delta!

    #7404 Reply
    Bro. David Long

    I was a member North High School Valley Stream New York from 1973 until I joined the Navy in 75. Great site.

    #7403 Reply
    Bro. Salvatore Scimeca

    The site looks great!
    Alpha Psi
    Class ’98

    #7375 Reply
    Bro. George Brush

    I remember the great frat parties at Brother Dap’s house.
    Always Remember Omega Gamma Delta!!
    Brother George Brush
    Beta Gamma
    Class of ’72

    #7371 Reply
    Bro. Frank DeJoy

    Great website.
    I joined Beta Chi in 1981 and was chapter president in 1984-1985.


    #7400 Reply
    Brother Chad Hilberts

    I was a member of Beti Pi (Pompton Lakes, NJ) class of ’97. Just wanted to let the brothers know this is a great website. I just found it. I will view it from beginning to end. Thank You.

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